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The Internet has become a ubiquitous medium, yet the nature of the Web makes it an esoteric communication tool. Words have staying power, but just about everything else online is fleeting. Web content — words, interactive prompts, and commercial transactions alike — needs to be planned carefully to meet your expectations and satisfy your clients’ needs.

Kedrika Communications can help you develop a Web content strategy that supports your overall business goals while getting your messages across. It is critical that you answer key questions about what you want your site to accomplish before you build it, including:

  • Who are my online audiences?
  • Should my site be commercial, informational, or both?
  • Should I be set up to do business globally?
  • What do I need to ensure that my site is up-to-date and functional,
    24 hours a day, seven days a week?
  • What type of data do I want to mine, and how?
  • Who will update and maintain the site to keep it relevant?

Content is what drives business, and the ability to pick the right words can make the difference between repeat users and users who log out. After helping you plan your content strategy, Kedrika Communications can:

  • Write all copy
  • Train your employees on how to use and promote the site
  • Develop and execute Web site launch campaigns
  • Monitor your site for glitches
  • Recommend updates in strategy to ensure your site continues to work
    for you over the long term

During both the planning and implementation process, Kedrika Communications will work in concert with all your partners, including your Web developer, database management provider and search engine optimization provider, to ensure your site is effective and easy to use.

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