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I have asked a few clients to share with you what it is like to work with me, and what specific results they have obtained from our collaboration.

“The success of the media training and public relations programs Sylvie designed and implemented for the bank made her my organization’s first and only choice to oversee the rebranding and re-launch of our Web site. From concept to messaging to content, Sylvie’s initiatives consistently deliver measurable results on time and on budget.”

Debbie Jacobs, former Marketing Director for Royal American Bank, Inverness

“When I was put in charge of an extensive writing project, I immediately called Sylvie, a regular contributor of articles to our internal publications. Her approach to the scope of the project created a family of cohesive marketing elements rather than individual pieces. She became an extension of our team. We valued her input on everything from brochures to Web content to presentation slides.

Sylvie is always ready to hit the ground running. I know I can count on her at anytime.”

Susan Keizer Gerbosi, Sales and Marketing Officer; LaSalle Bank, Chicago

“Working with Sylvie has been a breeze. Her style of writing is refreshing, upbeat, succinct and innovative. She has had me published in places I never thought of. After conversing with her for a moment, she gets the point and puts it into a message that would take me weeks to create.”

“Her media training has been excellent. Her coaching has helped me feel a lot more comfortable with reporters and has taught me to keep the ‘big picture’ in mind when working with the media. She has been right there with me, assisting me in sharpening my communication and messaging skills. I am glad to have Sylvie on my professional growth team.”

Vickie Rock, President/CEO; Victoria Court Reporting Services, Inc., Chicago

“I recently turned to Sylvie when I decided to launch my own website, which needed to coincide with the release of my new CD. Sylvie new immediately what would drive content, and had many ideas to share—most of which I never would have thought of on my own. Working with Sylvie has been wonderful. She brought to life an imaginative and artistic ambiance that perfectly reflects the message that I wanted to convey. Her knowledge of, and passion for, the arts—along with her ability to translate into words what we do as performing musicians—is truly amazing."

I couln't have asked for a better Website, and the feedback has been overwhelming. Sylvie really "gets" it!"

Jonathan "Jon" Boen, Principal Horn with Lyric Opera of Chicago, Music of the Baroque, Grant Park Orchestra and Chicago Philharmonic.

“Sylvie is not only a truly gifted writer, she also is a great strategist. One project I brought her into early on was the development of a new internal referral sales communications tool. I shared with her our vision and what we needed to accomplish. She and I held strategic discussions to outline the overall concept, determine the most appropriate format, and spell out the implementation process. Sylvie has since set up interviews for the monthly publication, captured the information and translated it each time into a concise, compelling story.”

Nancy Babich, Vice President, Wealth Management Group; LaSalle Bank, Chicago

“I needed media training fast, so I called Sylvie on a Friday afternoon. We sat down on Monday, and were finishing the practice session when the first media calls came in. Sylvie stayed with me, helping me focus on getting my messages across. Her training served me well, and I appreciate her flexibility in working with me under tight time constraints.”

Violet Clark, Partner; Laner Muchin, Chicago

“Being in the court reporting and captioning profession, I am very familiar with words and the spoken language. But when it comes to putting them down on paper, Sylvie makes them flow. She has written informative copy to send to clients, and also has taken over project management and design of our new Web site to reflect who and what we are, freeing up our time to do our job. Her time, talent, and dedication to her projects are outstanding, and she keeps us on task. Our business is growing because of her commitment to raise our image of professionalism, and our relationship with her has only begun!”

Cheri Benson, RPR, CRR, CBC; Northwestern Court Reporters/Riverside Captioning Company,
Hudson, Wisconsin

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