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What you do says as much about you as what you say. While all too often ignored, this ever-present reality underscores the responsibility that comes with engaging in public relations. Once you are in the mind of your target audience, you need to ensure that what you do supports what you say you do.

Reputation Management
At a time when the Internet has made it paradoxically both easier and harder to keep track of what is said about you, having a strategy in place to manage your reputation is crucial to your business health.

Kedrika Communications can help you ensure that your hard-earned reputation remains consistent by developing a reputation management plan that:

  • Aligns your sales and marketing strategies with your communications strategies
  • Identifies socially responsible activities for you to engage in
  • Selects strategic sponsorships to showcase your image and support your messages

Issues Management
Equally important to the health of your business is issues management, the proactive strategy of staying alert about issues of consequence for your business. Issues have the potential to be serious barriers to success, and could have damaging consequences if ignored.

Kedrika Communications can help you develop a plan to:

  • Monitor issues that could have an impact on your industry or business, and keep informed of all developments on the issues
  • Identify potential sources of conflict before they become problems
  • Develop key messages and communications programs to communicate your position on the issues
  • Protect your reputation

Crisis Communications
You don’t have to be in a highly controversial line of business to fall victim to crisis. As much as you may want to deny their possibility, crises can strike. You’d better be prepared when they do.

Kedrika Communications can help you develop a crisis communications plan aimed at determining how you can best preserve your company’s reputation when under siege. Specifically, Kedrika Communications will:

  • Assess the probability of crises specific to your industry and organization
  • Create a plan with clear policies and procedures in place
  • Establish an emergency response team and identify spokespeople
  • Draft key messages
  • Ensure that your spokespeople are trained to talk to the media
  • Coordinate work with the media and keep record
  • Conduct post-mortem assessment

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