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You undoubtedly have had plenty of opportunities over the years to conduct meetings, lead sales calls, or make speeches. You may not be as effective a presenter as you’d like, however, or as comfortable as you should be.

Kedrika Communications can help you become a more compelling communicator. During a practical session designed to address your specific weaknesses, you will learn to convey messages with vigor and precision. 

A typical 90-minute program will take you through:
  • Vocal exercises (warm ups and cool downs)
  • How to channel your energy through controlled body language
  • How to eliminate ticks of language
  • How to dress for the camera

The practice component of the session is taped and critiqued on the spot. You may choose to have the session one-on-one, or in a small group setting for your team of executives.

To find out how to make your presentations more effective, contact, or call 708/771-1659.

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