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Philanthropy starts out as a philosophy of life beautified by favorable estate planning laws
and regulations.

Philanthropy lets you show the human side of your organization, adding yet another point of differentiation to your image and reputation. All too often, however, decisions about whom and what to support, or where to volunteer, are not thought through, being simply the response to requests from personal acquaintances, business relations or strategic partners.

Engaging in strategic philanthropy allows you the two-fold benefit of doing good deeds and being admired as a socially responsible organization.

Kedrika Communications can help you align your charitable giving with your business objectives by:

  • Defining a philanthropic strategy that fits specific, agreed-upon criteria
  • Developing messages that support your objectives and affirm your commitment
  • Identifying organizations and causes for potential board appointments

To find out how philanthropy can help you support worthy causes and benefit your business, contact, or call 708/771-1659. 

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