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You may already have book marked the mainstream media sites you visit on a regular basis, including Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, CNN, USA Today. For a different perspective, or focus, here is a short list of additional, noteworthy news sites:

In and Around Chicago -- As the other major daily in the Chicago area, the Chicago Sun Times has a broad readership. -- The Daily Herald, whose tagline is “big picture, local focus” is the suburban newspaper to read for a comprehensive look at national and local news. -- The Business Ledger is a semi-weekly trade journal covering businesses in the collar counties and Chicago suburbs. -- The home of Crain’s Chicago Business, and a portal to a wealth of business resources.

Business -- the grand daddy of all business resources sites, it connects “executives to information that matters.”  From publications to stock watches to entertainment options, you’ll find it all on one (albeit crowded) page. -- CEO Cast is an online source for broadcast interviews of CEOs at news-making companies. -- The one site for local business journals all over the country – and a solid resource for small businesses. -- A Dow Jones publication, Barron’s follows and interprets the markets. -- Fortune Small Business is an offshoot of Fortune Magazine and offers a wide range of articles aimed at helping small businesses and entrepreneurs. -- offers “solutions for growing businesses” to small business owners, start-ups and anyone interested in franchising or purchasing a business.

Other Media -- The New York Times remains a widely read daily with extensive national and international coverage. – The New Yorker’s exposes show how good in-depth reporting can be. -- Salon is a must-read source of news for those who get tired of the mainstream media’s lack of depth. -- Home of National Public Radio.

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