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Successful interviews are message-driven. To communicate effectively, you need to practice, and practice some more. Kedrika Communications has developed a series of media boot camps to prepare you fully for media scrutiny.

Full-Day and Half-Day Boot Camps
If you are a novice in media relations, or have a group of executives to train, Kedrika Communications recommends a customized full-day program that combines theory with practical simulated interviews. Based on your specific needs, the programs may be skewed toward a specific medium, or the emphasis put on practice over theory.

If you are strapped for time, you may break down your training into a series of half days. Kedrika Communications offers flexible modules to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need on your terms and at your convenience.

During a typical full-day program, you will learn how to:

  • Set interview guidelines
  • Master interview tactics, such as hooking, flagging and bridging
  • Deal with trick questions
  • Conduct your own post-interview evaluation
  • Avoid credibility-busting statements
  • Practice the do’s and don’ts of the media game

Media Refreshers
If you have already had media training and have worked with the media before, but are somewhat rusty, or if you need to get in front of the media to address a specific issue, Kedrika Communications recommends a two-hour refresher to practice delivering your message — and staying on message.

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