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Public relations is the conscious effort to influence people — not only clients, but employees and shareholders as well — to think of an organization in positive terms. It is the art of persuasion, of convincing others to trust what you can do for them. To be effective, public relations has to be planned, not improvised.

If you are interested in gaining long-term visibility to help carry out your business objectives, then you must engage in strategic public relations. Kedrika Communications can help you stand out in a harshly competitive world by:

  • Creating crisp, differentiating messages that will keep you top-of-mind with your target audiences

  • Initiating and executing proactive reputation and issues management programs that directly address issues that affect your business and its success

  • Generating additional exposure for you and your business through strategic, long-term philanthropy

Successful public relations is a collaborative effort between a business and its P.R. counselors, who can only perform their best if you get actively involved in the process. If you are not ready, or not willing, to commit to it and go the distance, then P.R. is not for you.

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