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  • Sylvie and her strategic partners are not content to simply devise a strategy and execute it. We stay proactive. We constantly probe further, read more, and suggest newly relevant tactics to keep you top of mind.

  • Positioning is the root of our work. We do not launch any communications programs until all the necessary background work to establish a strong positioning has been done.

  • We will not write in a strategic vacuum. Every bit of copy is created keeping in mind your big picture goals and objectives.

  • We use time efficiently, working with phone, e-mail, and videoconferencing as much as possible to cut down on time-consuming meetings and get the job done by its deadline,
    if not earlier.

  • We are senior level professionals with little or no overhead. We know how to structure our time and resources to produce top-quality results atreasonable costs.

  • We want to see you succeed. As you grow, we’ll recommend appropriate tools and vehicles to propel you to the next level.
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