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Sylvie Sadarnac, Communications Strategist

Sylvie Sadarnac turns messaging into a business-generating tool. She helps her clients develop a memorable position, be top of mind, demonstrate their value, increase their visibility, and strengthen their reputation—online and in their communities.

Sylvie focuses on strategic communications, public relations, editorial services for all mediums, media relations, as well as Web content development and optimization.
Over the years, Sylvie has devised comprehensive visibility-building strategies for her clients through a combination of positioning plans, media relations campaigns, as well as both internal and external communications programs. Supporting tactics include the development and writing of capabilities brochures, newsletters and collateral materials as well as Web site content development. With online ranking becoming more crucial in competing for online space, Sylvie also is offering content optimization, now an indispensable tool for visibility-building.

Through customized master classes and seminars, she regularly trains small businesses on how to communicate their worth, how to write for impact, and how to work with the media.

Sylvie started her business in 1996 as S3communications, after working in corporate communications for over 10 years. S3 became Kedrika Communications in 2004.

Sylvie is a graduate of the University of Limoges in central France, where she majored in English. She pursued post Master's degree studies in American history at the New Sorbonne University in Paris. Sylvie was an exchange teacher in Ohio before being awarded a Rotary Foundation International Ambassadorial Scholarship, an assignment that took her to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis to further her studies in American history and foreign languages. Sylvie recently completed the SecondCity Training Center comedy writing program.

Sylvie’s love of words is rivaled only by her passion for the performing arts. She has done fund-raising and awareness-building work for various arts organizations in the Chicago area, including Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, the Chicago Philharmonic, and Lyric Opera of Chicago’s Principal French Horn Jonathan Boen.

Classical music feeds her soul. Although pitch-impaired and rhythm-challenged, she is a devoted student of the violin and is thrilled to be screeching her way through some of her favorite pieces. She apologizes to all composers for the injustice she does to their music, which she nevertheless tackles with relentless enthusiasm.

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