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If you are serious about increasing your company’s visibility, you must make media relations a significant part of your strategic communications plan. Even if you personally shy away from publicity, a successful business is likely to attract media attention, and the last thing you want is to let others (particularly your competition) define your business.

The media is your third-party conduit to your target audiences, and working with reporters is at once exciting, challenging and frustrating. You need to understand how the media operates and what drives it before going on the record.

The media is in business to make a profit, and your expertise is a commodity to help media outlets achieve that end. You need to think of your work with the media as a trade-off with mutually beneficial results: You communicate with your audiences while the media fulfills its obligation to inform.

Media exposure allows you to:

  • Influence and persuade your audiences
  • Raise the profile of your organization
  • Increase your credibility as an industry leader
  • Establish you personally as a go-to industry expert

Working effectively with the media requires a great deal of preparation, however — both on your part and on the part of your P.R. counsel. Kedrika Communications can help you learn the ropes and focus your thinking to get your messages across clearly and unequivocally.

Indeed, Kedrika Communications will not engineer or execute media campaigns for your business unless you and your executive team have been trained and are practiced in the art of media relations. No matter how much you dread it, you need to do your homework to get the results you want. Kedrika Communications will help you:

  • Clearly identify and prioritize your audiences
  • Firm up your key messages
  • Sharpen your presentation skills
  • Practice your message delivery

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