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Going it Alone: An Independent Practitioners Perspective
By Sylvie Sadarnac
Presented to DePaul University Agency Management Course of Ron Culp, Director, Graduate PR and Advertising Program; Oct 2012

Political Campaign Volunteers Sharpen PR Skills
By Sylvie Sadarnac
This article appeared on Culpwrit, March 2nd 2012.

Communicating Your Value Proposition Effectively-Directly or Through the Media

By Sylvie Sadarnac-Studney
This feature appeared in the Fall/Winter newsletter of "The Society for Technological Advancement of Reporting,"

Communicating effectively can make the difference between getting an assignment and getting passed over. Between being perceived as a valuable resource and being just another disposable commodity. But how do you go about influencing the perception others have of you? How can you make your value proposition resonate with those you are trying to reach? What should you say to attract and retain clients?
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How to Talk to the Media (Even When You Don't Want to)
By Sylvie Sadarnac-Studney

Have you watched too many well-meaning interviewees torn to bits on 60 Minutes? Heard your peers reel from being misquoted in the local paper? Do you worry that the media won't "get it" when it comes to your business?

Working with the media is no picnic. When done strategically, however, it has the power to increase your company's visibility, boost your status as an expert in your field and drive business to your door.

Having a strategy in place to get reporters to notice you is only the first step. Once they are interested, you need a plan to work with them effectively.
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Avoid Pretensions, Gobbledygook, and Euphemisms
This feature comes from Paula LaRocque’s “The Book on Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well.” Reprinted with permission from Marion Street Press, Inc. (Chapter two of the book, under the section entitled  “A Dozen Guidelines to Good Writing”)

I once spoke to a group of professional communicators about the hazards of pretentious mumbo jumbo in workplace writing. We talked about what happens when we use fuzzy but important-sounding language, or seek to impress rather than to communicate clearly and simply.
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Language and Writing Mechanics
(Chapter 23 of Paula LaRocque’s “The Book on Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well.”) Reprinted with permission from Marion Street Press, Inc.

A Brief (But Not Necessarily Easy) Quiz
Below are some sentences with common grammar and punctuation problems that trouble many people. Can you find the problems? This is a straightforward quiz, not meant to be tricky or even especially tough; it merely comprises frequent complaints. Explanations follow (don’t peek!), as does a primer on those pesky pronouns, the part of speech responsible for most grammar gaffes in both speech and writing.
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